Child Sexual Exploitation

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) can incorporate sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Sexual exploitation in relation to children and young people can take many forms from a seemingly consensual relationship, to serious organised crime and child trafficking. In all cases those exploiting the child or young person hold some kind of power over the victim.

Our priorities to tackle sexual exploitation in Wandsworth.

  • Prevent
  • Identify
  • Engage
  • Impact
  • Disrupt

Prevent the occurrence of child sexual exploitation by raising awareness and undertaking work with children and young people to address risk factors.

Effectively identify young people at risk of exploitation through coordinated partnership working. Put in place robust plans to address the identified risks.

Provide services that young people and their families are able to engage with in order to address the risk of sexual exploitation and wider factors.

Ensure that services deliver interventions that have an impact on the young person’s life and effectively reduce the risk of sexual exploitation.

Disrupt the activity of perpetrators, using arrests and seeking prosecutions wherever possible, to reduce the occurrence of child sexual exploitation. 

Information on Child Sexual Exploitation