All children have the right not to be hurt. Bullying can often be things like name-calling, hitting, happy-slapping (when someone gets attacked and it's filmed on a mobile phone) or stealing someone's things. They can also be bullied by receiving nasty messages either via mobile phones or the internet or false rumours being spread about them.

The warning signs that your child is being bullied are usually:
  • Head or stomach aches caused by stress
  • Not sleeping well
  • Running away or non-attendance at school
  • Learning and behavioural difficulties for no obvious reasons
  • Injuries with no feasible explanations.

If you think your child or the young person you're looking after is being bullied, act immediately.

  • Talk to your child about what they can do to deal with bullying, advice can be found on the Childline site.  
  • Talk to their teacher about what can be done.
  • Always encourage your child to tell someone.

Many other children and young people are being bullied; it can happen at any age to any child and must be stopped. Remember, it's not their fault and they have the right to live without being picked on. Bullying behaviour is unacceptable.

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