Local multi-agency policies and procedures

Bereavement Guidance for Schools

Below are the local WSCB policies and protocols that have been modified from the London Child Protection Procedures for the Wandsworth context, as well as some local strategies developed to tackle issues affecting children and young people across the borough.

Multi-agency policies and procedures

Vulnerable children and young people groups

Working together

Early Years, schools and learning

Child protection in the home

  • Violence against women and girls strategy (being updated)

If you have any difficulties accessing any of these documents or wish to make a comment then please email us wscb@wandsworth.gov.uk. Alternatively, contact the WSCB administrator on 020 8871 7401.

Child Death Overview Procedure

The WSCB has arrangements in place to respond to and review child deaths in their borough, as outlined in Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015

The WSCB follows the Rapid Response and Child Death Overview Panel Procedures drawn up by the London Safeguarding Children Board. These guidelines will be used in the event of an unexpected child death, and respected and followed by every agency.

WSCB's function in relation to child deaths is set out in regulation 6 of the Local Safeguarding Children Board's Regulations 2006.